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HABOTAI Newsletter

The HABOTAI Newsletter is sent to all our International Members in English providing all the information about our society’s functioning, projects and silk techniques.  

If you are interested in having your advertisement appear in our HABOTAI NEWSLETTER, we can offer you the following rates.
Your ad in the HABOTAI NEWSLETTER published 6x/year:
1/1 p. DIN A4 = € 110
1/2 p. DIN A4 = € 70
1/4 p. DIN A4 = € 40
On cover : 1/1 p. DIN A4 =  €155 (first come, first served)


The HABOTAI Journal contains all the information about our society’s functioning and projects. 


Over the years we have accumulated an extensive mailing list and our exhibitions are visited by a large number of people interested in arts & crafts. Today our invitations reach over 2000 prospects each year.


Placements are limited.  We work on a first come first served basis. Multiple options can be combined.


Your logo on the ART ON SILK Exhibition invitation


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Your advert in the HABOTAI Journal


1/1 p. DIN A4 = €110/year

1/2 p. DIN A4 = €70/year

1/4 p. DIN A4 = €40/year

On cover = 1/1 p. = €155/year

                    (first come, first served)

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Your logo on the HABOTAI website


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