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We publish, three times/year, the HABOTAI INFO NEWSPAPER providing all the information about our society’s functioning and projects.  Yearly we organise an exhibition of paintings of our members.

Of course, publishing a newspaper and organising an exhibition is nowadays only possible with the help of sponsors.  We have a large membership of active silk painters who are always interested in all materials connected with their art/craft and so they are ordering supplies from different websites.  In order for your company to become known not only to our members but also to all the interested visitors of our exhibition we invite you to consider sponsoring our publications in one of the following ways. We would also accept an exchange of silk painting articles out of your stock as payment for your advertisement.  Plse contact us with your suggestion.  

As over the years we have accumulated quite a large mailing list of people interested in arts, and as our exhibitions are always visited by a large  number of people, we reach at least 2000 prospects.  Contact us for prices of the A and B Formula.

FORMULA A : next EXHIBITION  :           

Your  name on our invitation (at least 1.000 ex):                 or

FORMULA B : next EXHIBITION  :   Your logo  on our invitation (at least 1.000 ex):                        and/or

FORMULA C :  Advert (b/w) in the HABOTAI INFO NEWSPAPER,  appearing 3x/year:

1/1 p. DIN A4 = € 110,-

1/2 p. DIN A4 = € 70,-

1/4 p. DIN A4 = € 40,-

HABOTAI WEBSITE (www.habotai.be)
Your logo on our homepage : € 60 /year