"The Golden Paintbrush II"

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary HABOTAI organised an international competition for silk painting artists. The response was overwhelming, with entries from across the world and the winner was Shinzo Kajiwara from Japan, seen here with his works of art painted on silk.

This year HABOTAI is turning 30 and to celebrate we are organising the "The Golden Paintbrush II". We invite all silk painters to participate in an online exhibition which will be published on our Facebook and Instagram pages and on our website.  

How to participate

Submit your work of art to us by filling in the participation form at the bottom of this page and uploading a photo of your work of art.  Please read our Frequently Asked Questions on this page for more information on how to submit. Deadline Sept. 1. 2020.


What is the theme of the competition?

The theme is ART ON SILK.

What is the submission deadline?

Send us your participation form and a picture of your work of art before September 1, 2020.

Wat does it cost?

Participation is free of charge.

What can I win?
The 'Golden Paintbrush' Trophy and the recognition of the international silk painters community. 

How do I participate?

Upload a photo of your work of art by filling in the participation form at the bottom of this page. Fill in all required fields.  By submitting the form you agree that we can use the photo of your work on the HABOTAI Facebook and Instagram pages and on the HABOTAI website . You also agree that HABOTAI can use the photo of your work for advertising purposes for HABOTAI events and exhibitions only.

How is the winner chosen?

All works of art will be published on the HABOTAI website and social pages on October 15, 2020.   The board of HABOTAI will nominate the works of art that will be presented on the website and all silkpainters around the world will be able to vote for the winner of the 'Golden Paintbrush II' Competition.

What are the requirements for my work of art to be valid for participation?​

Your work of art has to consist of at least 75% hand-painted silk, if possible painted especially for this competition. The Board of HABOTAI will check if all works presented comply with this requirement.

How many works of art can I submit?

Each person can submit one work of art.

How do I photograph my work of art?

Take the picture straight in front of your work so that only your work is visible on the photo.  The photo should have the format .jpg, 300dpi and maximum file size 5MB.

How do I name the photo of my work before I upload it?

The title should be as follows: CountryFirstnameName.jpg, for example NorwayLisaLarson.jpg. 

What if my photo does not meet the requirements?

All photos will be checked by the Board of HABOTAI before being published.  We will contact you if we need an additional photo.

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