About us

 Socio-Cultural Association for Silk Artists

Habotai is a Flemish socio-cultural association, promoting painting on silk since 1990.

Habotai was established in 1990 for enthusiastic silk painters from Antwerp, who wanted to share the passion for their hobby and their experience in the exploration of the techniques with each other. This objective is still standing but today, the bulk of the members are experienced artists from home and abroad.

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary Habotai organised an international competition for silk painters : The Golden Paintbrush.  The response was overwhelming, with entries from across the world. The winner was Japan’s Shinzo Kajiwara.


With this initiative Habotai won a place on the world scene of silk painters. The association is internationally recognized and valued. Habotai has also joined the international movement, which is enforcing the recognition of silk painting as Art.

The name “Habotai” comes from the Japanese, and signifies “soft as down” and is also the name for a specific silk fabric.

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